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Baseball Outfield Fence offers the latest in baseball outfield fence products at the lowest prices.

FenceCrown® Installation Tool

Install your fence topper in no time with the installtion tool, designed specifically for FenceCrown.

Fed up with fence topper that pinches your fingers and is an overall pain to attach to the fence? Are you looking for a hassle-free, high quality product to protect your players and audience from pointy fence tops? Have no fear, the FenceCrown installation tool is here!

Our high quality FenceCrown fence cap is extremely easy to install with the installation tool. To open the pre-slit fence crown, insert the tool on one end and pull it along. It can then be easily inserted over your chain link fence.

That's right - it's that simple! Have your baseball field protected in minutes and allow your team more time to play!

FenceCrown installation tool FenceCrown installtion tool FenceCrown corrugated fence top