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Baseball Outfield Fence offers the latest in baseball outfield fence products at the lowest prices.

FenceCrown® Specifications

Get the facts on FenceCrown!

FenceCrown fence protection comes in a 4 1/2" diameter.
• This size ensures our fence crown protection will fit any chain link fence!

Available in two roll sizes: 100' and 250' lengths.
• Gives you the option of choosing from the most common fence lengths.

Available colors: Black & Bright Yellow
• Yellow is the baseball field classic! Our yellow fence cap will ensure your field stands out, even in the black of night. The bright yellow is extremely visible, ensuring no one will accidentaly walk into your fence.
• Black is stealthy! If you want your field to be classy and less noticeable, choose black.

Pre-Slit for quick and easy installation.
• Installing our FenceCrown is a cinch with our installation tool!

Comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
• Our warranty ensures your topper will remain in great condition for years to come!

Keeps your players and audience safe from sharp and rough fence edges!
• Our corrugated fence protection is proven to protect visitors from harm!

FenceCrown fence topper