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Baseball Outfield Fence offers the latest in baseball outfield fence products.

Portable Outfield Baseball Fence

Grand Slam FencingĀ® offers flexible mesh, quick setup, versatility, and more!

When you need portability, a fast setup and easy tear-down, and soft fence mesh, Grand Slam Fencing has you covered! This portable baseball and softball outfield fencing is one of the best in the industry.

It takes little time to set up and tear down Grand Slam. With just a mallet, drill, and an auger, you can have your outfield fence installed in no time. The parts of Grand Slam are extremely portable, making it easy to transport, and the parts take up little space to store.

Grand Slam's soft fence fabric makes it safe around your team. No need to worry about outfielders running to catch balls and hitting the fence. This cushiony mesh makes it a great alternative to permanent chain link mesh.

Interested in using your portable fence for something other than sports? Our fence can be used in construction sites, in zoning applications, as deer fence, as cemetary fence, or as crime scene cleanup fence. The possibilities are endless!

Available in different colors, mesh sizes, and convenient kits, you are sure to find the Grand Slam package for you!

Grand Slam Fencing at Lions Park in Trenton, Michigan.
Grand Slam Fencing at Lions Park in Trenton, Michigan.