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Baseball Outfield Fence offers the latest in baseball outfield fence products at the lowest prices.

Grand Slam® Standard Design-Your-Own Kits

Create a field that meets your needs!

If you're looking to add a portable fence to your field but are unsure of the right size, we can help! To calculate the amount of fencing needed from foul-pole to foul-pole, multiply your desired home run distance by 1.57.

Example: 200' desired home run distance x 1.57 = 314' of fence needed


For 300' home run distance (usually used in baseball) you can use 500' of fencing. You can combine kits to get the desired length.
Recommended Kits:
• 2 each of 150' kits
• 2 each of 100' kits

grand slam fencing 300' home run diagram

For 200' home run distance (softball and little league) you need a minimum of 314' of fencing.
Recommended Kits:
• 1 each 150' fence kit
• 1 each 150' fence kit

grand slam fencing 200 foot home run softball diagram