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The Importance of Fence Topper

Some information on the benefits of fence topper and fence cap.

Chain link fences are versatile security structures that protect the things they surround. It keeps loved ones and valuables safe while preventing access to intruders and unwanted animals. A verstile product, chain link fence is used in a variety of applications, including baseball and softball fields, construction sites, residential backyards, trellises, and as chicken wire.

When it comes to accessories, you probably don't think of many concerning chain link fence. Gates, latches, hinges and locks probably come to mind. Fence topper, or fence cap, can be just as valuable as locks or latches.

Chain link fabric is usually weaved into a diamond pattern, creating an interesting, see-through pattern that prevents shoes from gripping the mesh. This pattern, however, often ends in the same diamond pattern at the top of the fence, and is more often than not sharp enough to break skin. Fence topper covers the top of your chain link fence and provides a barrier from these sharp ends.

Available in a wide range of materials, thicknesses, and colors, fence cap is an invaluable addition to any chain link fence. You may notice that the fence topper you see on Baseball Outfield Fence comes in a variety of colors. Yellow is the most popular fence topper color for a number of reasons. Often a very bright yellow, yellow fence cap provides a visible home run marker for baseball and softball fields. Yellow fence topper is also the most visible color in the dark, and alerts you and visitors to the location of the fence at night.

chain link fence top
Chain link fence tops often end the diamond pattern and create sharp ends that stick out.

FenceCrown fence topper
Fence topper covers chain link fence tops, creating a safe barrier.