FieldSaver® Winter Turf Blankets and Growth Covers

Our winter turf blankets double as growth covers.

If you want thicker, greener grass, consider adding a winter turf blanket to your field. FieldSaver turf blankets serve a dual purpose: they provide protection from the harsh winter conditions, and promote faster growth in the spring.

Winter Turf Growth Cover

As a winter turf blanket, the cover shields your turf from wind, ice, snow and frost. It also prevents unwanted pedestrian and animal traffic. As a growth cover, it warms the soil and air temperature while allowing light to pass through.

• Made of 3 oz., 100% woven polypropylene
• 6-ply, double-stretched hems
• 90% light pass-through
• Brass spur grommets spaced 5' apart
• Proven by experts in the field
• 8-year limited warranty

Each growth cover/turf blanket includes a storage bag and sod staples. Sod staples keep your blanket secure in the off-season.

Sod Staples Storage Bag

Compare Our Covers to the Competition
FieldSaver Growth Cover
Competition Growth Covers
The FieldSaver Advantage
100% woven polypropylene
Polyethylene or non-woven
Longer life
6-ply hems, double-stitched
Raw edges you turn under
Staples and stakes stay put
Fabric Properties
90% light pass-through
Gray, green or white haze
Better, faster growth
Brass spur grommets spaced 5' apart
Secure tie-down

Winter Turf Blanket

Winter Turf Blanket/Growth Cover Specifications
Physical Properties
Test Method
Typical Value
Mass per unit area
ASTM D-3776
2.9 oz. per sq. yd.
Tensile Strength - Warp
ASTM D-4632
165 lbs.
Tensile Strength - Fill
ASTM D-4632
105 lbs.
Elongation - Warp
ASTM D-4632
Elongation - Fill
Air Permeability
ASTM D-737
18.50 CFM/FT2
UV Resistance at 1200 hrs.
ASTM D-4355

Winter Turf Blanket/Growth Cover Sizes
Approx. Weight
Approx. Weight
10' x 50'
10 lbs
60' x 60'
72 lbs
12' x 50'
12 lbs
60' x 66'
80 lbs
20' x 50'
20 lbs
60' x 75'
90 lbs
24' x 50'
24 lbs
80' x 105'
136 lbs
30' x 60'
30 lbs
84' x 90'
152 lbs
36' x 50'
36 lbs
90' x 90'
162 lbs
50' x 50'
50 lbs
84' x 100'
185 lbs
50' x 60'
60 lbs
110' x 110'
242 lbs

Winter Turf Blanket/Growth Cover Accessories

Secure your blanket by placing stakes in the grommets. We offer 9" stakes in brushed metal, or choose yellow stakes for maximum visibility.

FieldSaver Stakes Yellow Field Stake