Gym Floor Covers

Add years to the life of your gym floor with GymGuard floor covers.

GymGuard® Floor Covers

Gyms are often multipurpose. While generally used for sports, the room can also be used for a dance floor, graduation ceremony, concert, bingo room or cafeteria. Protecting your floor is easy with GymGuard floor covers. Floor covers can add years to the life of your gym floor, saving it from scuffs, stains and furniture impact. Looking for a rack for your gym cover? Check out our GymGuard accessories for your convenience.

GymGuard Floor Covers

• Made of ultra-durable, 3-ply fabrics - PVC coated (on both sides) polyester mesh
• Fire retardant to all standard fire codes, including NFPA 701, CA Fire Marshall and UL 300
• Available in 15 colors and 5 weights
• Waterproof, rot and mildew resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
• Come in 10' wide sections with strong seams that lay flat and stay smooth
• Get them custom-made to your gym floor dimensions, or get our 10' x 100' pre-made sections for quick shipment!

Need accessories for your GymGuard? We offer mobile storage racks, vinyl covers, tape dispensers and more.

GymGuard® Plus

GymGuard Plus provides durable floor protection PLUS a unique raised pattern that provides more than 2 times the slip resistance of standard GymGuard covers. The advanced slip resistance offers enhanced levels of safety. GymGuard Plus is available in 32 oz and 27 oz weights, and comes in tan or dark gray.

Tan Dark Gray

About Pre-Made Sections

Pre-cut 10' x 100' GymGuard floor covers are available in tan and royal blue. They ship on rolls and are available in 18 oz., 22 oz., 27 oz. and 32 oz. weights. The 10' size of these pre-cut covers makes them extremely easy to handle.

Choose the Size and Weight

When figuring out the size of the cover you need, we suggest adding 6" - 12" for overlapping each section.

Example: For a 75' x 110' floor, order 8 sections measuring 10' x 110' each.

GymGuard Fabric Specifications and Colors
GymGuard Weight
32 oz
27 oz
22 oz
18 oz
10 oz
17 years
15 years
10 years
8 years
3 years
Tear Strength
210 x 210
125 x 90
110 x 75
90 x 65
76 x 76
Tensile Strength
375 x 360
315 x 300
295 x 285
280 x 270
495 x 340
35 lbs
35 lbs
35 lbs
35 lbs
Flame Resistance
32 and 27 oz
Tan, Brown/Tan, Royal Blue, Tan/Royal Blue, Red, Green, Burgundy, Tan/Burgundy, Navy Blue, Dark Gray, Black
22 oz
Tan, Brown/Tan, Royal Blue, Tan/Royal Blue, Light Gray, Red, Green, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Black, Yellow
18 oz
Tan, Royal Blue, Light Gray, Red, Green, Burgundy, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow
10 oz
Light Gray
32 and 27 oz Plus
Tan, Dark Gray


GymGuard Gym Floor Covers

Installing GymGuard

GymGuard® Standard Runners

Need a runner to protect a certain strip of your floor? Runners protect high-traffic areas and are available in GymGuard standard or Plus fabrics. They come in 4' x 50' (50 lbs) or 5' x 50' (60 lbs) sizes - custom sizes are available. Runners include a tube for storage and handling.

Standard Colors: Tan, Brown/Tan, Royal Blue, Tan/Royal Blue, Light Gray, Red, Green, Burgundy, Tan/Burgundy, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Dark Gray, Black, Orange, Yellow

Plus Colors: Tan, Dark Gray

GymGuard Runner

GymGuard® Floor Cover Tiles

Looking to protect your floor? Our floor tiles lay flat and don't slide - no tape needed! Our tiles are easy to clean and dry easily. They are easy to install, remove and store. The backing will not mark floors. A storage cart is available.

Floor Cover Tiles

Floor Cover Tile Specifications
Polypropylene with polyolefin plus backing
Tile Size
39.375" 78.75" x 6mm
Tile Weight
91.4 oz/square yard
Slip Resistance
.54 wet and .61 dry (ASTM C1028)
Blue, Gray