Gym Floor Cover Accessories

Tape, tape dispensers, mobile storage racks and more for GymGuard® floor covers.

To easily lay down, roll up, and store your gym floor cover, consider purchasing a mobile storage rack. GymGuard mobile storage racks make it possible for two people to roll out, roll up, and transport your floor covers. Racks are available in 6, 8, and 10-roller models.

Standard Mobile Storage Racks

Standard Mobile Storage Rack

• Four 8" non-marking urethane, swivel-type wheels can support up to 3,600 pounds of cover and rack
• Yellow safety bar and alumimum safety collars prevent the roller from popping out, side-to-side movement, and accidental finger pinching
• Blue vinyl end caps offer protection from sharp edges
• Safety brake placement and design make it easy to lock all wheels in place
• Rollers are 14-gauge galvanized steel and the entire frame is mig-welded - all steel construction
• 20-year warranty

Hand Crank Mobile Rack Closeup Swivel Wheels
A. Hand crank
B. Aluminum safety collar, yellow security bar, and blue vinyl end cap
C. 8" non-marking, urethane swivel wheel with safety brake

Included with All Racks:
• New rotating grip makes rolling up easier
• Three fabric clips per roller for securing cover to roller
• Instructions for assembly and operation

Premier Mobile Storage Racks

The premier GymGuard rack is an upgraded version of the standard rack that includes even more safety features. Six 8" diameter wheels reduce the risk of damage to floor boards by distributing weight load and allowing for easier rack movement. Safety leg extenders with two 3" wheels provide extra stability. Premier racks also feature storage trays to hold extra rolls of tape or the Power Winder. Includes a 20-year warranty.

Premier Mobile Storage Rack
Storage Tray Wheel with Safety Leg Extender
A. Storage tray
B. 8" wheel with safety leg extender

Storage Rack Specifications
Standard Rack Size
34" W x 12' 6" L x 67" H for 10' wide covers
Premier Rack Size
34" W x 14' 2.25" L x 67" H for 10' wide covers
Mini Rack Size
34" W x 6' 4" L x 67" H for 5' wide covers
2,800 lbs of GymGuard fabric
2.5" diameter, 12 gauge steel, lockable to prevent accidental unwinding
Mig-welded, all-steel construction
Steel with Delrin roller bearings
8" non-marking urethane swivel types, all with foot-locks

Accessories for GymGuard® Covers and Racks

Bush Assembly

Our brush assembly attaches to your rack and sweeps each 10' cover section clean while winding it up. The durable nylon bristles are contained in a sturdy steel housing.

Brush Assembly

Vinyl Storage Rack Cover

Prevent dust from entering your covers with a vinyl cover for your storage rack. TuffPrint lettering is available to custom it with yuor school's name, mascot or slogan.

Vinyl Storage Rack Cover

Power Winder

Wind up your GymGuard floor cover in a jiffy with the power winder. The power winder eliminates hand cranking!

Power Winder

Power Winder Specifications
Universal 115V
Heavy duty paddle type with safe lock-off switch, separate forward and reverse switch
Gear Hand
Spur and worm gear reduction drive, aluminum housing
Body and Handle
Durable heavy duty fiberglass-reinforced  plastic
Spindle Speed
32 RPM (no load)


Tape Dispensers

Tape down your GymGuard flooring to ensure no one trips. Our tape and tape dispensers secure overlaps and perimeter edges, and leave no residue on the floor or your cover. We offer traditional hand-held dispensers and ergonomic walk-behind dispensers for convenient taping.

Hand-Held Tape Dispenser Walk-Behind Tape Dispenser